Collection: Z CAM

 Z CAM launch its first 4K MFT mount camera “E1” on 2015. Continually releasing professional VR camera for the industry. On 2015, it releases there best hit “Z CAM E2” which capable of shooting in 10bit, 4K, 160fps. It is a highly capable and ultimate quality cinema camera. With it`s efficient price, Z CAM quickly introduce and welcome from wide variety of shooting project and cameraman quickly.

Z CAM had its unique combination of high and reliable but also compact and low cost enough to handle short or long films and high to extremely low budget project. Also, it equips with LAN and COM port to stream live feeds and fully control the camera enable not just use as shooting camera but to use in variety of mission.

Salon Films is an official distributor for Z CAM and also responsible for any service need in Japan and satisfy all professional and amateur needs.